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Take a walk on the wild side (Warning: Graphic Narrative) 26.09.2009
Castro without Cuba 25.09.2009
Bad news from home 24.09.2009
Hearst Castle 23.09.2009
Driving up the PCH 22.09.2009
Around the world in 80 trades 21.09.2009
More of the real Paris 20.09.2009
The other Paris 18.09.2009
French swimming pool 17.09.2009
Visiting the departed 16.09.2009
The day that disappeared 15.09.2009
St Michael Jackson in Ars 14.09.2009
Cycling 13.09.2009
On the island of Re 12.09.2009
Leaving Portugal for Paris ... with a feeling we'll be back 11.09.2009
Hello, I inseminate cows for a job 10.09.2009
Home of Port Wine 09.09.2009
Red Bull air race 08.09.2009
Tell me how monks give comfort to sailors 07.09.2009
Ding Ding! 06.09.2009
Get your act together, British Airways 05.09.2009
Schadenfreude 04.09.2009
Putting the right foot forward 03.09.2009
A stressful departure 02.09.2009